Ketagalan Culture Center



When it comes to Ketagalan, the story can be dated from 400 years ago. The Ketagalan people were originally settled in Beitou. The term “Ketagalan” represents not only a group of lowland aboriginal people but also a totem symbol of them.

The Ketagalan Culture Center (凱達格蘭文化館) was the first indigenous culture, arts and education center in Taiwan. The main purpose that the Indigenous People Commission of Taipei City Government strives for establishment of this center is to preserve and promote indigenous culture and arts. Besides, It’s also in charge of passing down the culture, language, history and arts of the urban indigenous. It helps on raising their competitiveness and visibility. 

Hot spring will be not the only thing that you can enjoy in Beitou. You will also have a chance to gain insight into the beauty of aboriginal culture.


  • It is not allowed to take photos at the exhibition room on 2nd and 3rd floor.

Opening Hours

Jan~DecTue~Sun09:00 - 17:00

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No 3-1, Zhongshan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City 112, Taiwan (ROC)