River Tracing



There are many interesting outdoor activities near Hualien City. River Tracing is one of the most coolest and exciting activities among Taiwan people. Professional river tracer starts from the end of the river to the start. Several wildness survival skills are needed such as rock climbing, swimming and camping.

However, it won't be so tough for beginner of river tracing because every river has its level of difficulty. For beginners, we always choose the easier and relax one, which take half day to complete. With safety equipment and experienced coach, you can enjoy the crystal-clear stream when walking upstream. And you have to swim over it when encounter a deep pool and climb over it to conquer a waterfall. With life vest, a non-swimmer can do river tracing as well.

River Tracing is an experiencing tour which you can directly feel the natural instead of just sighseeing. In addition, there are always tranquil and amazing scene ahead just next turn in the stream. If you would like to experience the most popular outdoor activities among Taiwan people, river tracing would brings you an unforgettalbe summer.


1. The most popular season of river tracing is in summer (June to September), but most crowded as well. In fact, with wetsuit you can do river tracing in any season in Taiwan. Please send us a mail if you would like to book the river tracing activity.

2. River Tracing Q&A:

What should I wear before the trip? 

  • Normal Clothes (long or short-sleeve T-shirt and pants) with swimming suit inside. 
  • Slipper or flip flop.
  • Lane Contact (if needed)

What should I bring before the trip?

  • Towel, Sun Lotion, Swimming Goggle (Not Necessary), Changing Clothes after River Tracing, 
  • Cash: After paying the balance to the river tracing company while picking up, everyone can bring one or two hundred dollar for buying some drink or food at some local shop
  • Electronic Device (Cell Phone): Any electronic device is not suggested to bring unless it is waterproof. The river tracing coach will bring a waterproof camera and take photo of you
  • No need to bring the passport with you

Opening Hours

24 hrs

Entrance Fee