Hualien City



Hualien City is one of the most beautiful city in Taiwan, the city face the Pacific Ocean with the Central Mountain Range (average 2000meters high) for a background. With population of around one hunddred thounsand people, Hualien City is the least crowded city in Taiwan. For travellers, Hualien City is an important stop when visiting eastern Taiwan from Taipei, because on its north side is the most famous spot Taroko Gorge, while on its south are East Rift Valley and East Coast, which is one of the least developed area and the best vacation places for Taiwan people. The busiest season in Hualien City is July to September due to students' summer vacation and stable weather except for typhoon. Therefore, the train ticket would be sold out easily during the peak season.

The most representative spot in Hualien is Qixingtan, with its shringle beach and beautiful bay with high mountain as background, attracting every visitors in Hualien. 

There are many interesting outdoor activities near Hualien City. River Tracing is one of the most coolest and exciting activities for outdoor lover. You can have a Surfing Lesson as well in Hualien City. Too streneous for the above two? Try Dolphin Watching , you can not only see the marine life but also appreciate Hualien city when sailing on Pacific Ocean.

For bike lover, having a easy ride through Coastal Bikway, enjoying the breeze and ocean view without any vehicle passing by. If you love old style architechture, you can visit Pine Garden and Jian Qingxiu Temple and to figure why Japanese Culture can be found in this city. After many activities or tour in daytime, you can visit Ziqiang Night Market for great Taiwanese food or Nanbin Night Market for some interesting folkgame. 

In the past, most of travelers spend one day in East Taiwan only visiting Taroko Gorge. Now, more and more travelers find this paradise and spend 3 or 4 days to explore this virgin land. If you love mountain, ocean and natural scenery and would want escape from traffic jam or metropolitan life, Hualien City would be a great choice.


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How to get to Hualien City

  • From Taipei, the following are three ways to get to Hualien City:
  1. By domestic airline. TransAsia or Mandarin Airline (30min)
  2. By train, please booking the ticket on TRA website 14days in advance to ensure ticket with seat (2-3hr)
  3. Hiring a driver and driver through Suhwa Highway (3.5hr)

Hotels / B&Bs / Minsus


If you would like to visit Taroko GorgeEast Coast and East Rift Valley, Hualien City can be a base to visit any one of them.

Hualien City B&B:

Hotel in Hualien City:

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