Lukang (鹿港) was an important port in Qing Dynasty. Merchants, fishers, and businessmen gathered here. Temples, houses, lanes, and streets were built and the small town was formed. It is one of the oldest towns in Taiwan, tied with Tainan for the oldest place. Lukang Longshan Temple is well known as its architectural art and its age approaching 400 years. Lukang Folk Art Museum collects many daily-life artifacts, such as cloths, jewelry, furniture, and books, since Qing Dynasty. Not only historic sites but also many Taiwanese cuisines can’t be missed in Lukang. 

Changhua City (彰化市) once was the political center of central Taiwan in Qing Dynasty, instead of Taichung City. Great Buddha of Baguashan on a hilltop is the most famous landmark in Changhua City. Fan-shaped Train Garage that nestles couple old steam engines is the only remains of roundhouse train garage in Taiwan. Waking through Xiaoxi Street District, you will find the change between three generations in this city.



Hotels / B&Bs / Minsus

Most of tourists do a day trip in Lukang or Changhua City. It's only one hour ride from Taichung. We recommend you stay overnight in Taichung due to one of the best night market, Fengjia Night Market. However, here are still some fine and unique accommodations.

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